This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Deals

Sunday, November 19, 2006


See this beautiful sweater? Yes, the sweater that is listed here for $168 (yes that's dollars). Well how in the world did I purchase this very same sweater for less than $50? I'm just lucky. . . that's all. i like to think I have really good shopping karma.

OK, now for those of you who don't know what to get that person on your Christmas list who has everything . . . here are a few ideas:

Graphic Hobo Purse--just something kicky and fun.

Book of U-G-L-Y knits. (Sorry mom, this isn't a pattern book).

Crazy Cat Lady action Figure. Puuurrrr-fect.

If I had found this ping pong paddle and case a few years ago I would have given this to my boss for Christmas. Oh well. Sorry EMS.

All these items and much, much more can be found here at
(Except for my lovely sweater of course. . . you must call upon the shopping gods for that one).


  1. next month when you don't fit into that sweater anymore send it to me please! are you going to tell us how you got such a good deal (or did you steal it)?

  2. Here's the deal . . . I just happened to go to Anthro on Saturday and the store seemed crazier than usual. They had a lot of stuff on sale, but still. Then I realized that all their sale stuff happened to be an additional 40% off! They don't advertise these sales and aparantly even the employees don't know about it until they get there. It might still be going on. . . not sure. And I'm considering this sweater my first post-preggy buy, since it's rather snug already.

  3. hey amy did you know fredflare is opening a store just for the holidays in williamsburg brooklyn? i saw info on the website about it. starting this friday and every saturday and sunday until christmas

  4. Really? That's cool. . . it'd be fun to go see the place in action.

  5. It's a crack up that so much of the Anthro stuff right now I can wear while knocked up.

  6. Anonymous2:09 AM

    Hey you! We found your website from Julia's. Congradulations on your pregnancy! You will have SO much fun on your journey. Motherhood is great. We miss NYC, but love Cali! Check our blog for pictures of our new little one. She was born in Sept. (3 weeks early) so be prepaired beforehand! You never know when they could come. Take care and have fun!