This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Christmas Miracle

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Christmas Miracle

When I was little my grandparents had this Christmas album that I used to dig out and listen to every year. I'm not even sure how I discovered it as it was in the wrong album sleeve and as I remember it wasn't labeled correctly. . . so I had no idea who sang the songs or where it came from, but it was my favorite Christmas album. Anywho, my favorite song on it is a little known classic called Snoopy's Christmas. As I know this album got thrown out years ago I've been on a search to try and find this song. Now it's not tough to google it and find the original recording by a group called The Royal Guardsman, but that's not the recording I grew up with . . . and frankly it won't do. After a LOT of searching yesterday (and previous years I might add) I found the exact version of Snoopy's Christmas I was looking for AND the rest of that classic Christmas album. Apparently it was recorded by the Peter Pan Players. It may not seem like it, but I am VERY excited about this.

Anywho, I'm guessing many of you don't this song at all, but as this is a time for sharing I'd like to introduce a classic Christmas song into your repertoire.

You can listen to this very special Christmas song here.


  1. Hi miggy, it's Marian from Tales. I'm wondering if anyone got in touch with you about your question for Brandolyn? If not, here's some info (sorry to invade your post!):

    Brandolyn's post is here and in the text she links to, which she says in the comments is where she got the tapes.

    If you need more info, feel free to emails us at talesfromthecrib at gmail dot com and I'll make sure you get the info!

    Feel free to delete this comment once you have the info you need!

  2. Thanks Marion! I appreciate it.

  3. Anonymous12:26 AM

    By any chance do you guys have Snoopy's Christmas by the Peppermint Kandy Kids uploaded digitally??