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Monday, October 02, 2006

You might be pregnant if . . .

. . . you start throwing up in the morning, you start to crave unusual foods, or as I've discovered you start to put on all your clothes backwards. It's true. This strange phenomenon is something that has plagued me since becoming preggers. I remember when my friend Britty got pregnant a few years back and started rattling off all the things that can happen to a woman's body. I was surprised to hear that becoming more forgetful or scatterbrained was one of the symptoms. I didn't think it was true at first, but I've since heard this from a lot of women.

For me I have found that I only suffer from mild forgetfulness, nothing too serious, but my special form of prenatal mental paralysis happens when I try getting dressed. It started with just a shirt every once in a while. Just pop the shirt over my head and suddenly . . . what the? oh geeze my shirts on backwards. . . And you know, I'd turn it around and go on my way. Then one day I noticed that this was happening more and more, and not just when I was in a hurry or not paying attention either. Finally one day I had put another shirt on backwards when I told B about this problem . . . ugh! this is so annoying, I swear since being pregnant I keep putting my clothes on backwards, I say as I'm turning my shirt around . . . I then pause, look down and ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! as I realize my underwear is on backwards. True story. So I decided I would just concentrate really hard when getting dressed . . . surprisingly this has seemed to alleviate most of the problem. However, today I had a relapse. I was about to go to the gym, when after about 45 minutes of walking around the house I realized my work out pants were on (say it with me) backwards. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Any one else suffer from bizarre pregnancy dilemmas/symptoms?


  1. i'm definitely not preggs, but i've been known to put on some sweaters backwards. i guess i'm just absent minded without all those extra hormones.

  2. My thing was just falling over, for no reason. Just drifting into a wall, you know. I developed a habit of running my hand along a wall to keep myself upright with number one and have never given it up.

    I love that you were trying to concentrate more on dressing, as if you had to devote your entire brain to one task.

  3. Aww...Ame...I'm so flattered to be included in your post. See, I told you! Now, if only Erich could get prego too so he could believe me too! Don't worry, it will get better in a few weeks, although I must say your take on it with the clothes is pretty dang original. I'd expect nothing less from you!

  4. this is hilarious amy.

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  6. CK--you *might* want to take a pregnancy test just to be sure. . .

    And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has exhibited strange symptoms. . . and Broek. . . just you wait, just you wait.