This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Zero

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Wow, zero comments on the murder in our 'hood post huh? I'm not expecting an ode to safety, but maybe just a quick "ohmygosh, that's crazy! Be careful you two!" or "Maybe you should get some pepper spray. . ." Thanks friends. Thanks for being so concerned for our well being. Either that or ya'll have seen a dead body in the street before so you're like "Join the friggin' club Webbs" right? I guess it's just like no biggie? OK, well. . . that's cool. Totally cool . . . but just for the record I hope none of you get stabbed. Seriously. I guess I just care a lot. (shrug) Late.


  1. I guess I just figured that between your respective kung-fu and ninja skills, that you guys would have it covered.

    Kind of like worrying if Mario Andretti can make the drive down Parley's from Park City; I ain't sweatin' it.

  2. wanna hire me to be your personal body gaurd/carrier of pepper spray? cause i'm scrappy. and i can kick your butt in an arm wrestling contest.

  3. So imagine watching a high-speed chase on TV for 30 minutes....all of a sudden the chase is in your neighborhood....then even better the camera's are on your apartment complex because the chasee had fled his vehicle and entered your complex....oh, but then imagine the cops reporting that they can't find the man from the vehicle because he was hiding in the building. You may be imagining, but I was living it. Yeah, so I guess I'll welcome you to the club. Isn't it a fun one!?

  4. Your worst nightmare has come true...I got mom to join so she and I can leave comments on your blog.
    Now, if your not getting any comments. It's not an us's a you problem. If no one feels the need to leave a comment, then you as the writer need to bring your game up in the writing so we feel like we should spend the time to add something to it. Besides, I've been stab in the neck (Cut the skin and was bleeding) and shot in the eye.
    You live in a place with weirdos and freaks, but count your blessing that the cops show up. My town or hood for you two homes, they don't even brother to show up for like an hour or three.
    Have fun and take care

  5. Thanks for the tips on getting more comments Josh. We'll work on our writing skillz. As for being shot in the eye, you might want to mention that it was on campus with a b-b gun from some college punks(as opposed to on the streets with a real gun by some drug dealer). Not to say that it didn't hurt and wasn't a big deal, but you know--lets keep it real here.

  6. Carina--thanks for the vote of confidence, but have you seen my arms? I was once asked if I had muscular dystrophy.

    CK--I'd like a rematch. But not right now. All my nutrients are going to the baby and I don't think I would fare much better. . . but in the future, I want that rematch.

    Vanessa--Thanks for the welcome to the exclusive club. We're flattered. So was there a dead body in your story or not? Cuz we might actually belong to different clubs. . . just checking.

  7. Oh, I failed to mention the dead body the next week. Yeah, the chasee (so we think) killed someone (we think was a tenant of my complex). Either way.....chasee running wild in my complex and a dead man. Had this not ended with a dead man, we could still rally together because it was the second murder that took place at the complex while I lived there. I believe we are in the same club.

  8. Hey dear sister, this is my new blog. And yeah, that b b didn't hurt at all. I just go to the ER for fun. Nothing like spending mothers day there. How about this...I get a bb gun and shot you in the eye? It feels like happiness.
    I also notice you didn't say anything about the knife wound or the cops not coming. But be careful you two...last thing we need is to get a call from you two in the er.