This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Seminary: Getting dissed, pt 1.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Seminary: Getting dissed, pt 1.

So, as many of you know I now teach early morning seminary. (For you non-Morms out there, this is a religion class for teenagers, and depending on location this is often held before school). I also attended early morning seminary as a youth, and with these 2 combined experiences I'm still struggling to understand the spiritual mathematics involved in this equasion. Tired/Cranky/Hungry Teenagers + Religion class + 6:00am = . . . Good idea? I'm sorry I'm . . . could we go over that one more time?

When talking to the Bishop this past week about working with the youth, he told B and I not to take it personally because "they will diss you so hard. . ." Well, last week I got dissed. As one of my students lay on the floor, behind the couch, with just enough room for his feet to peek out from one end I asked him a question and his answer was (ahem) "You buggin'." What? I'm buggin'? I'm so sorry Jose*. . . please continue with your nap while the rest of us try not to "bug".

My teacher the first couple of years of early morning Seminary was Sister Robison. I can only imagine that I have dear ol' Sister Robison (not Robinson, I spelled it right) to thank for this current "opportunity" as I'm sure she prayfully pled to God that I would one day know the pain of teaching early morning seminary to a room full of disinterested and mouthy teenagers and eventually fall to my knees begging for forgiveness. What great faith you must have Sister Robison, I think it worked.

As I'm sure this will be one of many times that I get dissed this year, this will be a multi part post. Thank you.

*names have been changed


  1. You need to start watchin Yo Momma on MTV, yo. I'm not saying you should come up with retorts, but that you should think about it...

  2. You buggin...classic.