This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Movie Road Show

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Movie Road Show

I've loved Jaws since I was a little girl. I was deathly afraid of sharks, but for some reason I loved watching that movie. I would have the hardest time getting in ANY body of water for months afterwards, even the bathtub sorta freaked me out (especially if there were bubbles, cuz then I couldn't see the bottom). So one of the things I've always wanted to do is watch Jaws while floating in an inner tube from a pool or a lake. Well Netflix has taken my dream up a notch. Yesterday, while flying home from Cali, I picked up the inflight magazine and came across an article about this movie road show NetFlix is doing. . . they are going to show movies across the US from the locations they were actually filmed! If you are going to be on Marthas Vinyard August 5th, you can go watch Jaws on the beach where one of the deadly shark attacks was filmed! (I think they are actually going to have inner tubes for you to watch from the water . . . if you dare). Or go see Escape from Alcatraz in the prison chapel on Alcatraz. And get this--ALL SHOWS ARE FREE! Also, each screening will also have an interactive event--after Ferris Bueller's Day Off, they are going to have a prom--stuff like that.

I'm really, really bummed because we won't be able to make it to any screenings, but I know plenty of you could make it to a location near you so check out the following list, go to the link below and get your netflix on!

August 2--The Warriors

August 5--Jaws
Martha's Vinyard, MA

August 8--Clerks
Leonardo, NJ

August 10--Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Northbrook, IL

August 11--Field Of Dreams
Dyersville, IA

August 16--The Shining (CAROLINE!! This is for you!)
Estes Park, CO

August 18--The Searchers
Monument Valley, UT

August 20--Raising Arizona
Apache Junction, AZ

August 24--Poseidon Adventure
Long Beach, CA

August 26--Escape from Alcatraz
San Francisco, CA

Here's the link for more info. I'm so jealous already. . . have fun.


  1. Leonardo isn't that far from you, and that Clerks screening would be fun!

  2. I'm sorry, but that movie is way too nasty for me. . . I considered not even posting that one. . . but we're going to be gone for the NYC show. I would consider trying to go to MA for Jaws, but again, we'll be gone.