This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Gwen for Prez

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Gwen for Prez

So yesterday I was riding home on the subway when I sat myself down next to a young lil' thug. He was decked out in the typical thug gear . . . oversized sports jersy, pants slung low with his bum hanging out, bandana, hat, chains around his neck, etc. So imagine my surprise when I take a peek at his ipod and instead of Jay-z, 50 Cent or some other rapper that I'm expecting to see, I notice he's listening to none other than my girl Gwen. Wow, I thought . . . suddenly the world felt a little smaller and I realized that hey, maybe we have more things in common with our fellow human beings than we sometimes think. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to assume that so and so wouldn't like MY music and maybe . . . just kidding. I just thought it was cool. Rock on lil' thug, rock on.

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