This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Some new stuff

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Some new stuff

Sometimes I get really bugged when I check out our friends blogs and they haven't been updated in a while . . . then I realize--Oh, that's us. Sorry we've been pretty lax lately. So here is the latest and greatest with us.

I got a new phone. A Razr. My old phone was basically the second phone ever made, so it's nice to be on the cutting edge for once (no pun intended). And my number is still the same, so don't fret.

B has been into making Lemon Meringue pies lately. Here is his last creation (this pic was taken on my phone! Nice tie in huh):

What else. . . hmmm. . . we went to a baseball game last night. That was fun. Ok, I don't have anything to post about, but just so you felt like you got SOMETHING from coming to our blog . . .


  1. Amy, you've inspired me to update my blog...inspiration is only the half of it though. I'm very impressed with the pie making Bracken, your meringue peaks are phenomenal.

  2. b-rock.
    seriously. amazing. so impressed.

    good hustle at the game last night.

  3. Vanessa I thought I inspired you? I'm really looking forward to more inspiring ginger kids posts. . . something we could all learn a little more about.

    Pete--Thanks but I think you were the only hustler I saw . . . (wink, wink)

  4. miggy.
    if by "wink-wink" you mean "stab-stab," then i accept. i need to stop giving bracken any information...

  5. Just call me Stabby McKillerson. . . and B didn't say anything--you had a girl in each arm! Frig . . .