Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A New Post !

Here's a question for you . . . Why pay one dollar for music (per song) when you can pay eight cents? I know we've had that little link on the side on our page for a while that says "Freaking Cheap Music" but only last week did I finally sign up and check it out. Occasionally I would cough up the $0.99 on iTunes for a single song when it was a song I just HAD to have, then I would try not to think about all the other songs/albums that I also just HAD to have. Then last week, I finally signed up and let me tell you . . . BLISS! Pure musical bliss. There are albums out there I wouldn't normally drop $20 bucks for, but $1.29 for the whole album??? Yes please. So check it out. It's Russian AND it's legal. If you have any questions or concerns drop us a line.

Second--David Blaine. . . Yes we saw him too, but since Briggie blogged it first (and most likely better) we'll just link you to his page. Plus, our photos are only on B's camera phone and we can't get them off there . . . check it out here. Oh David, you crack me up! Living under water until your internal organs give out . . . what next ya crazy nut?!?

Finally, I just wanted to post an interesting tid bit about a man walking across the U.S. for his health (among other things). Here's the article. He's supposed to be strolling in tonight on the GW bridge. Yes, the very bridge you can see from our living room. . . yes our living room with the fabulous view. So I'm gonna go look for him now.

See ya.


  1. Allison3:03 PM

    I was really tempted by those prices, too. Eight cents?! But then I got nervous about putting my credit card info into a site operated from Russia. If the identity thief is outside US jurisdiction it seems that the likelihood of being hosed skyrockets. I'm cool with letting you be the guinea pig.

  2. i have been using this site for awhile, and it seems to be totally trustworthy ... so i didnt even worry about signing up for two other russian mp3 sites that i found as well. And... then my credit card got flagged by the fraud dept because someone got my number and tried to buy $8K of teeshirts with it. So. Beware. That site you are touting has been safe for me, but there is definitely a risk involved.

  3. Yikes--good to know. Hopefully I won't have any probs. . . luckily your credit card fraud dept was on the look out. . . In general I think credit card co.'s are pretty good fraud stuff and not making you pay for such charges . . . but still that's a pain to deal with.

  4. I signed up yesterday w/ the service and got a call from my bank today to verify that the charge from Russia was valid...so not bad. Hopefully everything will be ok in the future...