This Little Miggy Stayed Home: A Grandpa's Dream

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Grandpa's Dream

So all my family went down to St. George on Mother's Day weekend without us. I still love you, Mom.

My dad told me what happened as my nephew Daniel was saying a prayer on Mother's Day, and I had to share. Of course my dad told me this story, as it totally boosts his stock as a grandpa. This is a picture of Daniel dressed as Joseph this past Christmas, (also pictured are Buzz, my brother-in-law, who plays a part in this story, and my niece Lia) so you can get a mental picture of who is involved in this story.
So my bro-in-law Buzz was telling Daniel what to say in his prayer as Daniel is just a wee tot and he needs help. It being Mother's Day, Buzz told little Daniel to say, "We are grateful for our mothers," at which point Daniel says instead, "We are grateful for our grandpa!" I only wish I was there to witness it.

It's enough to make any grandpa proud. Way to go dad. Stay tuned for more stories...

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  1. I guess Daniel just knows who the sugar daddy is...! Wish you guys could have been there -- we missed you!