This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Celebrity Alert

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Celebrity Alert

I was downtown today doing some shopping. In the subway station on my way back home I see this unforgettable face and I do a quick double take. Yep just what I thought. Lucille Bluth. She's looking at me as if I was Michael and had just made a snide remark about her alcohol intake--you know the face, eyes kinda squinty, one eyebrow raised and lips all pouted out--yeah that's just her normal face. She wasn't even acting. Well, I don't know, maybe she was . . .

Anyway, I kinda geeked out and tapped her arm asking if she was on Arrested Development, she said yes and I told her she was fantastic. She said thanks. Then she asked if this train stops at 86th street--unfortunately all I had to say was, "I'm sorry, I don't know the D train." That was that.


  1. JEALOUS!!! oh how i envy your luck...

  2. totally jealous. I've actually been watching season two every night for the past week. cheers!

  3. Yeah pretty great. . . I'm still just laughing to myself about how Lucille Bluth she looked. Just standing there with that look on her face. Usually if you see a celebrity you say "Oh look, there's Tom Hanks" not "Oh look, there's Forrest Gump." . . . but I definitely feel like I met Lucielle Bluth. Of course she was really nice about my lame question . . .

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