This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Where do we start?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Where do we start?

China. What more do we need to say? (The country, not the dinner ware).

Such a titanic multi-day trip will require multiple blog entries, so why don't we give a day-to-day recap? Starting right now, imagine that you are embarking on a 10-day journey to China along with the Webbs. We will take you into the heart and mind of Chinese culture, knee-deep into the political implications of Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, you will soar with physical exhilaration while climbing the Great Wall and exploring the quaint outer regions of China where people still live in stone houses and sleep on stone beds. Or we could admit that mostly we just went shopping (you would have too, things are butt cheap over there--pink Versace sunglasses for 3 bucks??? Thank you China).

First, imagine a 6 hour flight followed by another 12 hour flight. Delicious. Then you arrive, exchange hugs and hellos with your hosts--The Whitaker family--and sleep (we will later delve into the graciousness and hospitality of our hosts. In a word, outstanding).

Day 1.

You may have heard that in the Far East it is very cheap to have clothes tailored to your personal specifications. We decided to jump on this train and each have a suit made. So the first step is to go to the wool market and pick out your fabric. Here, this man prepares the fabric that Miggy picked out.
"Yes, that will look nice."

After we picked out our fabric, we went to a large market called Silk Alley. (Which is neither made of silk, nor in an alley.) This started the shopping bug. . . and it bit hard!

That night, we went to the tailor to be fitted for our suits. We brought along pictures of the type of suits that we would like.

This is your sneak preview. We picked up our suits on the last day, so you will have to stay tuned to see how they turned out. (hint: Miggy's suit= OK, B's suit = yowza!)

Now, after your first day of your trip, you are exhausted from the jetlag. 12 hours difference means that jetlag doesn't get any worse. It's ok, cause China is sweet. Now go to bed.

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  1. can I wait ten days to see the finished suits?
    the whole day by day thing really might not work, we've all waited for over ten days for even one post from you two.....waiting 10 days for the suit show...please don't make me.