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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Way behind

OK so we realize we've been home for over 2 weeks and are way behind on our China blog. It's not that we don't want to blog about it, but more that it's very difficult to sum up such an amazing experience and try to fit it all in. We really saw a lot in a short amount of time.

Well, after the Great Wall we actually went on a road trip with the Whitakers and their family friends, the Torontos. We left Thursday morning and came back Saturday. Rather than try to detail each day, I thought I would just post some pics of our days there. I can't remember the name of the town we stayed in (Frank and Melody maybe you can help us out here) but I think it was something like Xhoung Dong (prounounced like jung dong). . . I think. This little road trip encompassed both the highlights and lowlights of our trip to China (at least for me, Migs). The highlights being the drive in the country to an old village we visited which was made almost entirely out of stone and seeing really seeing the Chinese people in a more 'real' Chinese environement, and the lowlight being . . . our sleeping accomodations. As you'll see, The Bates Motel has nothing on this place.

Anyway, we spent our first day touring around the town, checking out 1,500 year old temples and pagodas. Here are some pics.

So cute, little Chinese kids. OK, now for the undoubtely most frightening part of our trip. . . our motel. As some of you may recall I went to Malaysia and Thailand a couple years ago with Broek and Caroline. . . upon arriving in Thailand we were plesantly surprised when our hotel room turned out to look like this:

Well our place in China had the exact opposite effect . . . I know this first picture doesn't really do it justice. You can't see the dirt covering everything, or the hair between the sheets, or the brown spot in the middle of the pillows, or the general unsanitaryness, but perhaps the next picture will give you a better feel for how stomach-turning this place really was. . .

And let me remind you folks that this is AFTER we had cleaned off the toilet so it was usable.

Again for comparisons sake lets look at the bathroom from Thailand and China side by side:

Can you see the difference? I know, it's subtle. Well that's all we have from day 1 of our road trip. I thought I could do it all at once, but we actually need some pics from Frank and Melody to adequately cover day 2 as our cameras went out at the stone village. So F&M, if you see this can you email us those pics we forgot to get from you? that would be fantastic. Thanks!

OH--by the way, I'm assuming it's OK if I post this, but our Cousin Zach got his mission call! He has been called to the Canada Toronto East Mission, Mandarin Speaking! Very exciting! Congrats Zach!

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  1. Paul Grumenheimer1:21 AM

    bracken, you hair is looking pretty damn hot in these pictures. please keep this going.

    (missing you always)