This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Day 3 - The Great Wall

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Day 3 - The Great Wall

So we really must apologize for the tardiness of our posts. Blogging is hard work. Anywhoo...on to what you all want to see...more of the Asian persuasion. What does the Great Wall of China have in common with Park City? Read on to find out...

So who goes to China without seeing the Great Wall of China? I don't really believe you could see it from space....that's the Kennecott Copper Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah--duh!!! But I guess it was still cool. It was truly a hike to reach the Wall, as it was built along the ridge tops to keep out
those durn Mongols and other invading peoples. It's not actually contiuous across China, as I found out when I got there (as illustrated below). Most of it is actually falling apart, but it is rebuilt in certain areas like the one we went to.

Ok, enough of the history, now come the pics!
This is the staircase leading up to the's part of the Whitaker gang.
Parts of the wall itself are very steep, so you need to watch your step.
As we walked through one tower, we came across this mountain goat. Baaaaaad form!
The kids said he was evil...even the smallest of the mighty Whitakers was powerless against him. And on it went for miles and miles and miles...

The newlyweds...
Miggy with the infamous Miss Rachel.
And this picture just might be our Christmas card.

Now, the answer to the Park City riddle...the thing that puts the "great" in Great Wall.....the alpine slide that gets you back down the bottom. Yes, you read right, the Great Wall has an alpine slide. For those of you not familiar with the concept, it's like a water slide, except you sit on a little cart with wheels and a brake and you go down as fast or as slow as you like. You will get the idea as you see these pictures. Here's the gang at the top before our speedy descent.
The first trip down ended up being so dang fun that we had to ride the tram up again and go down even faster!Here's Migs rolling in at the end.
Here's the Whitaker clan, enjoying the ride.

I hate to say it, but I think the slide was my favorite part of the Wall. Now, the Wall was Great, but it was totally radical with the slide.

After the 2 rides down the mountain, I decided to try the local snack that they make at the bottom. It is a crepe that they cook an egg on, then they put apple slices, salt, and green onions on the outside. It tasted about as good as it looks.

So that's the Great Wall and Day 3, stay tuned for more...all in good time.


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