This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Safety Scissors

Monday, March 20, 2006

Safety Scissors

Ok, well if I don't blog about this B threatened that he would . . . it's a little silly and maybe B's the only one who thinks it's extra funny, but here I go. . .

As most of you know by now, B and I are on our way to China this week to visit Frank and Melody and family (my Aunt and Uncle). To visit China you have to get a visa (not the credit card) and we had to go to the Chinese Consulate here in the city to get these visa's. As is normal in government buildings they had security, similar to typical airport security with x-ray screening for bags and coats and a metal detector to walk through. Well the first time you go to apply for the visa, you leave your passport, then pick it up four days later, and since B has been super busy with school I had to go pick them up by myself today. . . WELL, after I left the house and was a significant distant away I realized that I had scissors in my purse (I needed to cut some paper when I was on the go). "Oh great," I said to myself, "scissors . . . in my purse,. I might as well have a bomb strapped to my body." Think about it . . . if you had scissors in your purse at the airport they would definitely be confiscated and (I'm thinking) who knows, they would probably pull you into some dark room for a little interrogation . . . a little roughing up. It's possible right?! ("totally!" you say). Well I was too far from home to turn around so I formulated a little plan . . . I would just hide them somewhere on the street before I got to the Chinese Consulate. So I did. I hid some scissors on the street. Behind a pole. I looked and no one was coming or watching me. . . . or so I thought. When I came back (a mere 15 minutes later) they were gone. That's it, that's the whole story . . . I think the visual of me trying to hide something on the streets of New York is what made B laugh so hard. He thought the logical thing would have been to have them hold them for me up front while I took care of business . . . in hindsight, that probably would have worked.


  1. Actually, babe, it was more the thought of you worrying that the Chinese consulate would take you into a back room and interrogate you because of the scissors in your purse. Maybe you're right, I could be the only one that finds that funny.

  2. I would totally have done the same thing and thought the same thing! And I find it funny too:)

  3. i woulda stuffed in the bushes...

  4. Jus to make you feel better. I accidentally brought my knitting scissors with me to seattle and made it to seattle, but was pulled out for security checks on the way back. I was totally clueless because I forgot the scissors were in the knitting bag in the first place! So, there I stood in all my miserable Mormon innocence trying to figure out why they thought I was a terrorist. Then, they just confiscated them and let me go as I was on the brink of tears at the thought of missing my plane and my chance to be reunited with my babies. (I think it helped that I had a breast pump and pumped milk to back up that story, but we won't discuss that here!). Have fun in China!

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