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Friday, March 24, 2006

My favorite Mates

I should have blogged about this a while ago, but as you will soon see, it's great that I waited until now. . . I may have mentioned before that one of my favorite bands is "Mates of State." They're a cheery little duo, consisting of a husband/wife team. The Husband part of the team (named Jason) plays the drums and the wife part (Kori) plays keyboards/piano/organ, etc and they both sing. I serendipitously discovered them almost 4 years ago. I instantly loved the first song I ever heard by them ("A Duel Will Settle This" for anyone who cares) and while it took a while to fall in love with the rest of their music, once I fell I fell hard. But, I had never been able to see them perform live--until I moved to New York. Now I've seen them twice AND one time for free! However, the sad thing is that my hubby hasn't been able to go either time because school. Sad. Luckily our friends Kelly and Cardon are always down for some good times with the Mates.

So here are pics from the first show back in October. . . just the Mates on Stage. That's it.

That was a fun show and we all had a great time. THEN, this week my friend Kelly calls and she's all "Yo, guess what? The Mates of State are playing tonight, for FREE!" I was super excited and immediately on board to go check it out. They were playing at the Virgin MegaStore since it was the debut of their new album. I took my camera, but the batteries were dead (I found out later) . . . BUT after the show, if you bought their new album (on sale) you could meet the Mates and have them sign your CD. So of course we had to do that, but I wanted to get some pics too if we were going to meet them. So while Kelly and Cardon stayed in line I ran to the front of the store, got some batteries, and ran alllll the way back . . . by the time I got back we were at the front of the line. . . so I was trying to get the batteries in my camera, unwrap the CD and put my purse down so I could get in the picture . . . so when I finally have the chance to say something to one of my favorite bands I open my mouth and say, "Hi . . . I'm friends with them," pointing to Kelly and Cardon. That's it. I realize how stupid I sound when I hear Kori/Wife say "uh, cool," in what's-with-the-retarded-fan? kind of voice. It wasn't that I was nervous or anything, but rather flustered with the batteries and the camera and trying to get all my stuff together. . . Anyway I think I did manage to tell them that I liked their music too on my way out the door. Aside from my less then impressive conversation, I did get some cool photos with the Mates, and friends Kelly and Cardon, check it:

Alrighty kids! That's it for now, cuz we're off to CHINA tomorrow! Nice and early. So if you don't hear from us for a while you know why.


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