This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Christmas Present Revisited

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Christmas Present Revisited

So I finally got everything ready for the first use of the screen printing kit that my wifey got me for Christmas. So to honor her (and to let everyone know that my wife is hot), I created this masterpiece:

Miggy noted that if we ever start a clothing line, we should call it "wife." And all of our 7 readers out there can help us spread the word.

My sister Erin asked me if that was a small microphone hanging down on Miggy's cheek. No, it's the shadow of her perfectly formed cheekbones, I told her. I hope you enjoyed this shirt as much as I will. Peace.


  1. as many times as i've seen that photographical masterpiece, it still looks tight in every new medium. now when are you gonna make our dental shirts??

  2. i'm down for making them as soon as we can possibly come up with a cool logo--could we be the first to sport the new CDM name? if only we could be so lucky.

  3. Wow Bro that is impressive. I am jealous you can screen print and I can't. Tell Amy to keep up the awesome cheekbones.
    Love, Er