This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Christmas in Utah

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas in Utah

We were lucky enough to go to Utah for the two weeks that I had off from school. This break had many highlights and a few lowlights, so how about a top ten list for each....

...first, the Highlights:

10. This airplane and banner flew past our house on the Hudson no less than 5 times a day during the days leading up to Christmas.
In case you can't see what the banner says, here is a close up:The Christmas season truly brings out the best in all of us. Brilliant advertising. Brilliant. Flying Jeans. Up there with sweans on my list.

9. Staying at Randy and Diana's House

(the only pic I could find was of the wedding). Coming from our apartment to this spacey parental dwelling was superb. The best parts were the king size bed (you don't even know there is someone else in the same bed as you), the 61' big screen, and surround sound.

8. Coming home

Something inside all of us seems to long for home, no matter how much fun we are having. It was good to get back.

7. White elephant presents
I think this picture speaks for itself.

6. Holiday Movies

King Kong. This movie was EPIC. 3+ hours of pure entertainment. Only one hitch: you have to be ok with manimal relations to feel good about this movie as you leave the theater. I don't.

Walk the Line. Very impressive considering the two lead actors had no voice training before this film.

5. Ringing in the New Year...CLOSE to Times Square

Miggy and I didn't want to stand outside in the freezing New York cold for hours on end, so we put forth a half-hearted effort and headed down towards Times Square around 10:30 pm. We made it as far as Columbus Circle (almost 20 blocks away) and gave up. So we snagged some Martinelli's from a little shop and found a TV in the front window of a bank and watched the ball drop. To make it all worth it, there were fireworks over Central Park.
Can you tell what this is?

This is for (20)06.

4. Finishing the Book of Mormon

Two days before the year's end and we were left with over 120 pages of the good book. This called for a BoM Read-a-Thon. New Year's Eve Eve and New Year's Eve were spent mostly reading. But we did it.


I continue to tout Solitude as Utah's best kept secret. Try it, and you'll never wait in a line at Brighton again.

2. Nieces and Nephews

How could you not love this smile? It was great to see my new nephew LT and to hang out with the ever-clever Lia and the Miggy-crushing Daniel (crushing in a love sort of way, not like jumping on your rib cage sort of way).

1. Miggy's Christmas Present to me

Miggy spent hours and hours working on this cutest ever scrapbook documenting our first year together (since we started dating). Miggy and I agreed that we would make each other on present for Christmas, and this was hers for me. I made her a necklace that I wasn't too proud of when it was all put together. She can show it to you if she wants.

And now, the top ten Lowlights of Christmas Break:

10. Going back to school

How is it that the first year I'm not at BYU, they get three weeks off for Christmas, while my school only gets 2 weeks off? Darn it.

9.Cold NY Weather

When we got back to NY, the weather was once again colder than aitch. (This one was added just to give me 10 lowlights)

8. Sleep Depravation

Staying up late in Utah somehow seemed like a good idea, but when we got back to NY, I realized that we had only further messed up our already struggling sleep schedule.

7. Playing the violin every Christmas

Every Christmas since I can ever remember, I get conned into playing the violin at the Family Party. This year I felt especially rusty.

6. White Elephant gift

Miggy represented us at the other Family Christmas party, with the traditional white elephant exchange. We got the only present that we have absolutely no use for: The Club. We both sold our cars just months ago.

5. Stain on my new coat

With my Christmas money, I purchased a big down-filled puffy coat to combat NY's freezing temperatures. When I got it home, I noticed this big stain on the cuff. No other store within 100 miles in Utah OR New York had this coat in the same size. Oh well.

4. Sick nieces

It was quite sad seeing our cute little W so sick that she vomited while Aunt Miggy was brushing her hair. Poor Aunt Miggy froze when W said she was going to throw up.

3. Addiction to chocolate

Migs and I consumed so much freakin chocolate in Utah. I thought we would slow down when we got here, then I found this bag of Kisses in the cupboard after Miggy came back from the grocery store.

2. Coming home to our apartment.

After being in the King Kong of houses, our Curious George of apartments seemed even smaller when we got home.

1. School on Jan. 2

I can't believe that we had to go to school on a national holiday--even Wall Street was closed. Tragic, just tragic.

These took me way longer than I had anticipated. Hope you enjoy. We had a great break and we hope you did too. Later. Oh, and Happy New Year.


  1. bracken_

    so good on so many accounts, i don't even know where to begin to agree with highs and lows.

    and btw it was worth the wait.

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    nice blog. I am just a little disappointed that I was not one of your highlights. love you anyway. oh, and maybe you should have put the shoe polishing incident in with the lowlights. ha ha . just kidding.
    love, erin

  3. Good call Erin--the shoe polish incident was a MAJOR lowlight. . . I can hardly even look at those d-a-m-n shoes anymore. . .