This Little Miggy Stayed Home: It's Thanksgiving, not Thanksgetting. . .

Monday, December 05, 2005

It's Thanksgiving, not Thanksgetting. . .

As promised kids here's our updated Thanksgiving post . . . I'm going to be less about words and more about pictures . . .

Here is our perfect turkey. I know it looks pretty plain sitting on that plate without any garnishes, but look at that golden tan . . . and then check out the turkey. (2 sidenotes: 1--I know my arm looks kinda big there, but don't worry I still go running like 3-5 times a week I swear I'm not letting myself go it's just the angle and 2--I know it doesn't help the whole 'you guys look like brother and sister' when we dress like twinners, so we're gonna watch that in the future).

As promised, our beautiful house-guest Caroline displaying our glorious cranberry sauce. I told you she was photogenic. She's our most photogenic friend (more proof below).

These are our new New York friends, Kelly and Cardon (did you catch that? "r r, nu nu"). They're probably like our 2nd most photogenic friends. (And we have A LOT in common with Kelly and Cardon--first of all, we got married 2 days apart, we have the same last name, we moved to new york the same time, Kelly and I got our wedding dresses made by the same lady (we also both had bad experiences), Kelly and I have common names and our husbands have cool names that end with "en" AND B and Cardon both play the violin/fiddle. You'll be hearing more about these kids in the future . . . )

Finally dinner is served. Yes it's dark outside.

Here we are seeking, finding and eating coco buns in Chinatown, thanks to Caroline.

More Chinatown oddities--shark fin. This stuff is expensive, no wonder Mrs. Peacock loves Shark Fin stew so much.

Here we are at some building downtown. B took this picture and I think he framed it rather well. And it's really cold out.

This is Jared, Liz, Caroline, Me and B having dinner on the upper west side at a place called Delux. Good eats.

Finally, the girls at the flea market, modeling some sunglasses. Although it was super cold out, the flea market was rad--definitely a highlight.

Thankgiving was great and we were so happy to have Caroline come and visit us. Other than the frigid weather we had a great time and Care you know you're welcome here anytime . . . and that goes for other prospective visitors. Speaking of prospective visitors, who's next?


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    thanks again you guys for being such fun, wonderful hosts. it was a great trip. the food was fantastic, and so were the chocolate chinese handwarmers. you guys are fun! and i say next trip should be a conglomeration of rad including people that might happen to live in burbank and provo. i'm just sayin...

  2. I'd be psyched if my arm looked that thin....