This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Christmas in the City

Friday, December 16, 2005

Christmas in the City

Merry Christmas all. I really love this time of year . . . you might not know that because I'm not the type go on and on about how much I love Christmas and I don't go crazy with Christmas music and egg nog, but I really do love Christmas, for a lot of reasons. It's funny because as a kid I didn't really like driving around looking at Christmas lights and decorations. There were definitely some people who went all out and did some great Christmas lights that really make you oohh and ahh . . . but that was like 2% of the population. I wasn't interested in the other 98% and their scraggly single strand of lights bordering the perimeter of the roof, and if you're lucky another scraggly strand thrown in the bushes. Very boring thought I. Then, the other day, I was walking home from our local grocery store and I looked up at this huge apartment building and saw these 2 lone windows decorated with a single strand of lights and some tinsel and I wanted to take a picture or cry . . . or both. Christmas is a lot more than lights and decorations, but in a big city crammed on an island with millions of people it's nice to see that someone took the time to do something, anything, to remind themselves or us about the Christmas season. So someday when B and I are packing the kids in the car to go look at Christmas lights for the millionth time and they're bored out of their minds I'll be sitting up front smiling to myself and hoping that someday they get it, like their old mom got it.

Now that I've pontificated on the simple pleasures of the holidays and finding meaning in the small things, how about we look at the spectacle of lights conjured by the commercial world designed to lure us into their materialistic clutches? Sound good? Great.

Here is Cartier . . . very elaborate, yet very beautiful. Yes those are indeed giant red jewelry boxes.

I liked these light-brite ish snowflakes on this building. (I don't know what they sell, but whatever it is, I WANT IT!)

I thought this giant snowflake/star suspended above the street was very cool. (So sparkley and shiny. . . makes me think of sparkley shiny things . . . and it just happens to be in front of Tiffanys).

Here's B in front of our apartment building. Oh wait, no . . . no that says Trump Towers, not Miggy Mansions. My bad.

And finally nothing says New York Christmas like Rockefeller plaza and the big tree and the golden statue thingy.

Even if it is in the name of commercialism, I really do like the lights and decorations here. No one does it like New York.

Now back to the more simple pleasures. One thing I LOVE to do every Christmas is to watch It's a Wonderful Life. Hands down my favorite Christmas movie. (It's also the first present B ever gave me, so now it's got a double special place in my heart). Anyway, last weekend B and I decided to watch It's a Wonderful Life while drinking hot chocolate (with homemade marshmallows) and making snowflakes. We decided to take a walk to get good and cold before watching our movie. . . so here are some pics on our walk.

Here's me being a snowman with the other snowmen in our neighborhood.

The 2 blurry pics are B in our front commons area and walking in the park just a couple blocks away. They're blurry, but they've got good ambiance and you can really see the snow . . .

Here I am admiring the trees in front of our building. . .

. . . and watch out for the Christmas Monster! Grrrrr

Here are our snowflakes.

B did this one. It's a household favorite.

Snowflakes, snowflakes, snowflakes. . .

Finally, our little tree.

Merry Christmas everyone! Drop us a comment and send us your Christmas love. :)


  1. yay! xmas! egg nog! relatives! gift buying! therapy!

    those are some fancy snowflakes!

  2. Those ARE fancy snowflakes. What paper did you use?
    I've got a recipe for homemade marshmellows that I've been meaning to try for years. Thanks for the impetus.

  3. Anonymous10:27 PM

    I just want to thank you for your kind words neat way that you showed the photos of our Christmas lights in Western Nebraska. Thank you again for your interest & we are allready working on new items to make it even bigger and brighter for this Christmas 2006.