This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Sightseeing

Monday, October 31, 2005


Hey guys--I'm back (Miggy). And I'm in the mood for blogging.

OK, so as some of you may know B and I celebrated his first birthday together as a married couple. We think that's kinda funny. We're married and still haven't known each other a year . . . of course in the LDS world that's not too uncommon, but to the big city folk, that's just a load of hogwash. Anyway, for B's birthday (September 17th) I wanted to do something memorable and fun--and what could be more fun than sitting on a crowded bus for three hours driving around the city? So we took a TV and Movie tour of the city, which consists of sitting on a bus with a tour guide (read: out-of-work actor) while you are driven around to different locations made famous from movies and television . . . it turned out to be a pretty good time. We did some other stuff for his birthday as well, but that was the surprise portion of the day. We did see some good landmarks and here are a few pics:

First off, some of you may remember this as the apartment building from the TV show "Friends," with B and I standing in front. (Sidenote--it was there we had our first 'celebrity' sighting. I recognized Matthew Lillard with a friend wondering why we were all standing there looking at this building. So I walked up to him and let him know it was the building from"Friends" and then I said, "And you're Matthew Lillard aren't you?" He said yes and was polite and smiley and that was that. In case you're wondering who Matthew Lillard is, he's been in scores of movies including Scream, Scooby Doo and SLC Punk to name a few).

Next, directly across the street from the Friends building is this building--not actually famous for any TV or movie appearances, but it IS the oldest standing wooden building in NYC. (Yawn).

Now this one really makes the tour worth it--that's right kids, the firehouse from Ghostbusters.

And my personal fav--The Huxtable residence from The Cosby Show. ("It's a Cosby sweater, A COSBY sweater!').

Anyway, if you come out to NYC and want to see any of the above sites--we can take you there.

One last thing before I go. . . B and I are sorta wondering who our friends think is the funniest between the two of us? I mean I'm positive that I'm the funniest (Hello? Voted "Funniest" LHS Class of '95, it's in the yearbook and everything), but for some reason B thinks he's funnier. (Not necessarily based off our blogging, just funniest in general). So feel free to cast your vote in our comments section. Thankya.



  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Hmm...I am going to have to say Amy is funnier. No offense, Bracken. I have always thought Amy has a very creative sense of humor, and while you definitely share the same talent, I'd have to go with my girl!

  2. Although I don't know Bracken and I really don't know Amy either ... just from knowing that Amy is Jen Rose's friend is enough for me and I vote Amy as funniest :)

  3. Anonymous4:49 PM

    Amy, I love you with most of my heart, but this one isn't even close. There's a pretty good chance that Bracken is the funniest person in the history of humans. It's not that you aren't funny . . . you're just not Bracken funny.

  4. amy i'm very sorry. i have to vote for bracken. not only because boys are always funnier than girls, but i really think bracken is funnier.

  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    iono about amy...but bracken is quite entertaining...

  6. Marissa10:29 AM

    I love matthew lillard! how exciting, isn't that block in the village amazing? (is it in the village? are we talking about the same block?) Of course my vote is for Amy. She is just so darn clever and smart about her jokes. Bracken, you're the doctor, let Amy have SOMETHING! Just kidding, you are both so smart, funny, tall and gorgeous. I kinda hate you both...

  7. i haven't met you yet, amy, but bracken is a friggin riot. he makes looking at dead ppL fun. hard to beat, haha.

  8. Anonymous1:06 PM

    how would i ever survive my scidmd classes (when i actually go to them) without the funniest dentite ever?! - bracken wins. =)


  9. What! Amy, I got your back. She's the funny one. Sorry Bracken, but when was the last time you dressed as Axl for Halloween? That's what I thought.

    Even if you did dress as Axl, it's still funnier when Amy does.

  10. Anonymous9:19 PM

    i think bracken is funnier than amy. i also think his body is 'ARRR' rated.

    love stephen frandsen

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    pc answer: i think you think you are both equally funny. just funny in different ways.


  12. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Oh, Amy definitly. Though I'm not really being fair since I met Bracken for all of 5 minutes (at the very reunion of the people who voted Amy funniest of '95). Still, I don't think it is possible to be funnier then Amy.

  13. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I may be biased, but I vote bracken...i still love you amy.