This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Shoot the Freak

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Shoot the Freak

So it has been awhile since I (B) promised to say more about the week that Greg spent out here in New York. So here goes. We started out with big plans to do something that neither of us had never experienced--Coney island. Of course we saw the famous Nathan's Famous hot dog stand where the national hot dog eating contest is held each year.

After that, we learned that the fame of Coney Island lies more in the conies that in the island itself. For example, Greg and I went to Burlington Coat Factory and were amazed to find some sweats that were styled after and looked almost exactly like jeans. So you can only imagine our delight in seeing a very Mr. Cleanesque man walking down the boardwalk in these very "sweans." We followed him around for awhile until we finally got this picture:
The picture doesn't really do the sweans justice, but what the hey. Next we walked down the boardwalk a bit and decided to try our hand at some of the carnival type games out at coney. Not really. But we did enjoy seeing this human-target-paintball-shooting booth called "Shoot The Freak." That's Greg in the red.
Here's a closeup of the little pit that you look down into when shooting your 15 paintballs for 5 smackers. If you look closely, you can see the "Freak" himself.

There was also a "Dunk the Creep" booth but, sorry, no picture. So in most ways, Coney Island was a bust. But with a best friend, almost anything is still fun.

Greg and I also made it to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) where we eventually made our way to the Modern Art section. I liked this one: For some reason Greg liked this one: It was great to have Greg here. If you're out there, BFF, I love you.

On the home front, things are also freakin' exciting. For instance, we carved pumpkins for FHE yesterday. So here they are (try and see if you can tell whose is whose): As my final word for this post, I would like to share some of my artwork. I know and you know that A is usually the artist, but for once I think I deserve a moment to shine. My artwork was inspired by the gorgeous view out of our window, like this picture:
Below is my rendition. I call it "Stretch-a-Bridge."

On that note, have a wonderful internet session and I want to thank the internet for making all of this possible.


  1. Amber & Whitney9:03 PM

    Hey Bracken & Amy, this is Amber & Whitney. I was showing Whitney your pics and when I told her that Bracken made the picture on the etch-a-sketch she asked, "oh, when he was a little kid?" Apparently she doesn't think adults can play with those. I don't have any other comments, but I wanted you to know we do look at your posts!

  2. Thanks Amber and Whitney (this is Amy). We love comments. And I'm excited to be seeing you in about 2 weeks!!! YAY! Crazie Auntie Amy and Whitney reunited! (I know I'm totally more excited than Whitney and I'm cool with it.)

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    HI guys,
    thanks for giving me something to break up these long hours of studying on campus. i love to hear about you guys and cant wait to see you at christmas. ps. happy halloween
    love, erin