This Little Miggy Stayed Home: After this, no more Wedding Pics . . .

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

After this, no more Wedding Pics . . .

When we first started this blog B thought I was blogging too much. Now apparently I'm not blogging enough. While I thought the former sentiment was a bit silly (too much blogging? like I can blog too much . . .) I agree very much with the latter . . . I have not been blogging enough. My apologies.

So I was going to start this section called THOSE Ka-RAZY NEW YORKERS and tell you all these hilarious stories about the funny people we see/meet around this crazy city of ours, but truth be told, New Yorkers aren't that crazy . . . let alone KA-Razy. Yeah there was the guy who stabbed a baby a few weeks ago, but since that's not funny at all and would be more appropriate in the "Those Mentally Ill and Unstable New Yorkers" column, we left that out. (Just so you know, the baby lived). We also heard about a girl who was mugged in our neighborhood by 2 other girls, but again not really the type of material I was looking for . . . so until I have an experience fitting for our column, you're just going to have to do without.

I think I'll go ahead and post some more Wedding pictures--this is mainly for our family, and particularly my Grandma who is one of our most devoted readers. I apologize for those of you who find this stuff boring, but check back and we'll try to spice things up a bit. Thanks to those of you who posted comments--it really does help to know people are actually reading this stuff . . . sure I like to blog, but really I do it for the fans. Here we go, more Wedding pictures. . .

Since we are the stars of the show, lets start out with one of us. This is one of my fav's. . . I think it's rather cute.

Here's my niece W being a total ham . . . it's not necessarily my favorite picture of her, but it just makes me laugh.

Cuteness alert . . . This is our nieces and nephew. I just thought it was a great shot with Daniel just peaking his head over, especially if you see the picture right before this because you can't see Daniel, then out of no where he pops his head out. Kids.

Here's the clan in front of the Temple. Good photo guys.

I think this is a cute shot of my bridesmaides . . . I just like how everyone is doing their own thang. Plus, if I may interject, there were some HIDEOUS bridesmaids "get-ups" that day and I know these are pretty simple, but I think it think it looks a'ight.

My Bro's . . . not all of my bro's, but some of my bro's. . .

Again, another one of my favorites.

Miggy's Family . . .

Two of my grandmothers--another picture I really like.

Miggy and B with B's sisters--Erin and Jill. I'll be honest, I scored in the "In-law" department.

The family cheer. On three, Marriage rules . . . 1, 2, 3, MARRIAGE RULES!

I think this is my favorite shot of our niece--if not my favorite then really close to my favorite.

Dad and me. . .

Well I think that's it. That was a lot of pictures and I'm really tired, and it's very late.


  1. When you say no more wedding pics, do you mean this week? 'Cause I could stand a few more.

    Just sayin'...

  2. I could stand a few more wedding pics keep 'em comin'!

  3. yea, what about wedding pics from your reception in Colorado? I know we aren't as important as your OTHER friends, but still

  4. You had a really very nice wedding! At the wedding of my friends there were many children too and everything was very nice, and I was lucky I could find this post so I wrote a really sweet wish for my BFF on her happiest day. It was difficult even with such wonderful advice, but I coped and was glad to see her smile.