This Little Miggy Stayed Home: We're totally bloggers now. . . it's cool . . .

Friday, September 02, 2005

We're totally bloggers now. . . it's cool . . .

B and I decided to start this blog as a way to keep our friends and family updated on our adventures in NYC and to post pics of everything awesome in our lives. Anywho, for those who haven't even seen any pics of our wedding, we thought we would post a few. These are just some candids from friends and family, I'll post some real ones when we get them from the photographer (as opposed to these fakies).

Here's both of us . . . look at my cute husband . . . so dreamy.

So here's me in a wedding dress at the Temple . . . I know, HOT.

Ok--that's all for now, blogging takes some time and I've got stuff to do. Don't you worry we'll post more later. . . things to look forward to: Honeymoon pics (hey! not those kind of pics-- this is a family friendly blog), our apartment, our VIEW from our apartment, our first weekend in NYC, losing our knife and finding our keys, Amy's trip to the drugstore, and more OC predictions . . .


  1. omigod, I am so happy you guys are doing this. Now I can cyber-stalk you without you even knowing! Love the pics, please post more. Also post your guest suite digs to help me decide weather or not to come visit. Just kidding, I'm coming weather you like it or not.

  2. Oh Ame!!! I have been thinking of you like every day since we last talked. I CANNOT believe you have already gotten married and moved since we chatted! It makes me sick thinking of all that I have missed with you. I am just dying looking at the pictures...did that all really happen? You looked BEAUTIFUL. And Bracken is too cute, as I always say. :) By the way, Bracken is a popular guy - all sorts of our friends know him from your announcement on our fridge. We'll chat about that later. PLEASE send more pictures, and welcome to the world of the poor and (hopefully) future money-bags :)
    Love, Britty

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