This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Story time

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Story time

So I made a lot of promises in my last post (2 posts ago--this is Miggy). So as I was saying I made some promises . . . promises of Honeymoon pics, the story of the keys and the knife, more OC predictions, blah blah BLAH. So let's just jump right in, from least interesting (and least relevant) to most interesting. However, I'm basing this on a very small scale of "interesting."

1) The OC--too late for premiere predictions, but Tre wasn't dead. I was right. Go me.

2) The story of the keys and the knife. I'll try to make this quick. B lost his hunting knife during all our unpacking. We thought it might have been thrown out with one of the hundreds of boxes we threw out. We go downstairs to look through said discarded boxes. We don't find B's knife--but we DO find Miggy's keys . . . that we weren't looking for because we didn't know they were missing. We chuckle. 2 days later: We're about to throw out the last box and I tell B "I've already looked through this, but look through this one last time to make super-sure you're knife isn't in there." And guess what? That's right, his knife is in the box. We're so blessed.

3) Honeymoon picture time . . . here we go . . . this is only one day of our honeymoon but that will do for now.

Here is B at the beach in Tulum (nice guns sweetie!). We rode bikes to the ruins, then walked around and found this lovely beach. This beach was amazing--some of the softest sand to ever touch my feet.

Here are some of the local Mayan gods just hangin' out, waiting for you to take a picture with them.

Here we are in front of the ruins. I know it looks like a pleasant picture on a pleasant day, but the heat was actually very. . . hot.

Ok that's all. Is there something else you guys would like to hear about? Maybe something we haven't adequately covered? Drop us a comment. Or a criticism (only if it's constructive).


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  2. Amy, I'm a little jealous, we tried to go to Tulum and didn't quite make it.

  3. Emily Dyer and I (Emily Olson) are absolutely loving all of your awesome pictures. Seriously, they are so much fun to look at, and it is great to hear how you are doing! I am so happy for you!