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Friday, September 09, 2005

Pictures Pictures Pictures...

Turn on your eyeballs, because we got pictures!

This is the southern view from our window. Our own concrete jungle. Most indubitably the best thing about our apartment.

Now let's shift gears and show some hot pictures of our hot wedding. Paris Hilton even said, "It was hot."

Coming out of the temple to greet the crowds...
All the neat people that came to the temple

Miggy's people>

B's people>

The uber hot wedding party

Hot women....

"This whole wedding thing is tiring..."

Lovers in love

The wedding dinner - B's mother Diana tells embarrassing stories

Miggy's mother shares a sweet thought

See Broek. See Broek roast. Laugh Broek laugh.

The best man, shares his love of the groom. I love you too.

The nieces and nephew.

Our beautiful cake made by Miggy's roommate...pretty good for a first try, don't you think?

The hottest best man ever. Look out Fabio.

Cutting the cake

A view of my parent's backyard from above. Note: we had to lay sod into the neighbor's yard to accomodate the reception. A special thanks to my dad and all his hard work.

Throwing the garter

Well, that's all I'm going to post today. I'm tired. Classes are going well. We are dissecting cadavers and opened up the chest cavity this week. I'm always packin' heat. My hot wife, I mean. Peace. I'll let Miggy post some honeymoon pictures later.

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