This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Get ready, I'm about to blow your mind. . .

Monday, September 19, 2005

Get ready, I'm about to blow your mind. . .

Seriously. . . it's been like 4 days and I'm still in awe of our concert experience last Thursday night. This is so rad, that you might also have to (I mean, get to) read a post from B on the same event. We'll see . . . plus, there's a fantastic surprise ending, so for your own benefit please read to the end.

This starts a week ago Sunday while journeying to dinner at my Uncle Cos and Aunt Lou's house in New Jersey. We took the train to New Jersey with my cousin Mark. (You'll probably hear more about "cousin Mark" in the future--he's rad). So we take the train out and Mark tells B and I he's got tickets to The Arcade Fire Show in Central Park this Thursday, but he doesn't think he's going to go and he'll give us the tickets if he doesn't. I'm freaking out because 1) I didn't even know The Arcade Fire was playing a show in NYC (in Central Park) and I'm one lucky girl to stumble into such fortune (not just tickets but FREE tickets--who am I? A duck named Lucky?) and 2) they were my favorite new band of this year (not that I had many "new" bands this year, I was too busy falling in love and getting married. . .). So as you have probably guessed, Mark didn't go and he gave us the tickets. So here we are . . . yeah it's blurry, but I still like it. It was B, me and B's friend Peter from school (sorry, no pics of Pete).

So, there were 2 bands before The Arcade Fire, but they don't matter at all--not at all. The first band, OK, they were fine and I guess even had some Arcade Fire members in it, but the second band? Don't know em, don't care. You just feel bad for them--if they questioned their mediocrity before, it's blantantly obvious after opening for The Arcade Fire . . . and I'm not going to waste any more keystrokes on them. (But just for kicks, here's a picture--ZZZzzzzzzzz):

It was a long wait, but finally The Arcade Fire comes on, and the place is going nuts. NUTS I TELL YOU! For those of you who don't know they are not your average band . . . for one thing there are 9 people--ahem, musicians--in this band. Among the typical guitars, drums, keyboards, you also find a couple of violins, a standing bass, and an accordion. Now I've seen bands include various atypical instruments for a song or two as almost a novelty, but I've never seen a band so successfully blend all these instruments into one amazing sound time after time and song after song. It's not a novelty kids, just exceptional music. Additionally, it's not like there is A bass player or A guitar player or A keyboard player. . . with a few exceptions they switch instruments like I switch on/off lights.

They opened with the first track on their album. Brilliant. Here are pics of the band doing their thing. You don't really get a sense for what they're like on stage, but they're pics nonetheless:

You can't really tell, but these are the Violin players. (I read on Briggies blog that there is actually one Viola, so for accuracies sake please make note).

Here they are rocking out . . . keep on, with the force don't stop, don't stop till you get enough.

So they play their show and I can say that this is the first time in a long time that I didn't want the show to end. Even with bands I love, there usually comes a point where I'm ready to go, but not at The Arcade Fire. During one of my 2 favorite songs, Haiti, the female lead singer (I don't know her name) did this bizarre, yet completely endearing little dance while singing--it was a cross between the Elaine dance in slow-mo and a mime. Their set was perfectly arranged--they played the right songs at the right time. I can't even begin to describe their music, other than to say I love it and it's the type of music that reminds you why you love music so much in the first place.

So they finish the show and if that's all that would have happened I would have left more than happy. However, as is standard, they come out for a encore. The lead singer says into the mic, "This is a David Bowie song." And people start to clap and cheer. . . THEN out of nowhere appears none other than David Bowie himself!!! It takes a second to sink in, then we all go (again) NUTS!!!! This is pure NYC craziness. Here's a shot of the legend himself (tip: he's the one in all white).

So as promised they play a David Bowie song with David Bowie (I wasn't familiar with the song, but that did not diminish the raddness of it all). Then, as if things couldn't get any better, they play my absolute favorite Arcade Fire song as their final song, Wake Up--AND David not only plays acoustic guitar, but sings the first and third verses and screams and yells the rest of the song with everyone else. The fact that David Bowie not only knows your songs, but actually wants to sing your song on stage with you pretty much seals your fame and fortune.

One more pic of David playing the guitar and singing their final song:

That's the end. It was a great night for all. I still can't decide who had more fun--the crowd listening to the music or the Arcade Fire playing their music.


  1. Sounds like you two are bored to death! Oh, well I'll post your blog link on the barton family 'Webb' page anyway. Keep up the good work. Hope you can stay safe.

    Uncle Dave

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