This Little Miggy Stayed Home: Gangsta's Paradise

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gangsta's Paradise

This is finally B again. So last week we had class elections for my dental class of 79 students. Let me start off by saying that I went for the gold and ran for class president--only to lose. I am recovering very well, but I wanted to share a part of my campaign with the world (wide web). All the candidates gave speeches to let the class know why they should vote for them, so I decided to do like we do back home in P-town, Utar. So I rapped.

Here it is.

Yo this is goin’ out to all y’all in the 22 to 1 -- ya feel me? (Note: the director of admissions here at school called us the 22 to 1 club, as there were 22 students who applied and were rejected for every student that was accepted here at the dental school)

Yo I got the mic an it’s startin’ to flow
Hang onto your handpiece ‘cause here I go
You know the drill, they say
Drill, fill, and bill, they say
But I got a slightly different message today

2009 we need a president
and I got some info that is pertinent
to who you choose, you’ll see
we’s all up here “pick me!”
so why this clown over them other three?

Yo I got ya backs in so many ways
I’ll bring the weekend to your schooldays
You wanna gripe, I’m here
What dean don’t know, he’ll hear
Before you know it it’s the end of the year

I been a leader ever since I was shorty
But you want leaders? In this class—we got forty
If any one would do,
Then how ‘bout me, not you
Administratin,’ stayin’ up ‘till two?

So when you vote, you make sure it’s for B
As president, there’s no way I’ll be slackin’
And we’ll have fun, despite
The loads of work, that’s right
I’m checkin out, so vote for me, aight?

You can rest assured that I had my 59-fifty all up in their grills as I laid down this phat beat. But alas, I still lost. At least I have a wonderful wife to come home to. The winner can't say that much. Hee hee.

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