Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Big Little Lies

*Major Spoilers Ahead*

I honestly didn't think I'd ever watch HBO's Big Little Lies. In addition to knowing the show contained graphic nudity and graphic sexual violence (two things I generally steer clear from in media) the show didn't particularly interest me from the promos. It looked like a catty, subversive murder/mystery that was about rich, suburban moms behaving badly. However, it seemed to be getting rave reviews.

Through VidAngel and their streaming service (a site that lets you edit nudity/sex/violence/language out of films and tv shows) I decided to give it a try, but still mainly expecting the show to be a guilty pleasure. I watched it in quick succession and then made my husband watch it with me just so I could watch it again. I loved it. It was interesting, well made, and so thought provoking. But I also couldn't put my finger on what exactly I loved right away, so I watched the end again and again until I could really figure out what it was that I loved about this show so much. I've basically been obsessed and I've been wanting to talk about it with everyone, so I thought I'd talk about it here! Again, MAJOR SPOILERS so if you haven't watched it, please go watch it! Get a free week trial of HBO through Amazon like I did, the sign up for VidAngel (or not) and get a  free 30 day trial with them and binge watch away! It's only 7 episode. Basically you have no excuses.

Now the juicy stuff.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Paint Your Clothes || Distressed Jeans DIY

This Little Miggy || Paint Your Clothes Distressed Denim Edition
There are so many simple joys from my childhood I know my children will never get to experience. Phones attached to walls, with long curly cords for example. Saturday morning cartoons. Now, I know having cartoons on tap all the time, whenever they want sounds like a much better option but  I still say it's a loss. The anticipation! The excitement! These privileged saps... they have no idea.

I'm also sad my children will never know what it's like to walk into a thrift store and find legit, old school orange tab vintage Levi's--several pair in fact!--for dirt cheap and in the perfect worn-in condition. Due to online vintage retail hunters and ever dwindling resources, a once common occurrence will be a needle-in-a-haystack experience for my children. Sad.

But if being a blogger means anything, it means making new things look old and generously sharing that wisdom with others. In other words, you're welcome. Enter the distressed jeans tutorial. While it takes a little time, this tutorial is super easy and I absolutely love how my jeans turned out. And for me, it all comes together with the paint splatters, which is why once again I'm encouraging you to paint your clothes! (See past PYC posts here and here.) Check it out!

First, I did thrift these Levi's, but they are newer. I cut off the bottoms to get a frayed edge, and then subjected them to a couple different bleach baths to get the just right faded look. There are so many different ways to do a bleach bath, but I had the best experience with putting them in the bathtub so they are nice and spread out and they bleach a little more evenly. I like the variation in color, but if you bleach them in a small tub or even a sink the color come out really splotchy and I just didn't want that look. Just make sure to keep an eye on them and rinse them out right away, then put them in the wash by themselves to get all the bleach out. And for heaven's sake don't wear nice clothes, use nice towels, etc. You are working with bleach! Use at your own risk and take proper precautions so you don't ruin all your crap and blame it on me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This Little Miggy || Lately

Our June was jam-packed crazy cakes. I knew that until Lamps birthday in early July we'd be busy little bee's running around like chickens with our heads cut off--so headless chicken bees--but June is over and the last couple of weeks have finally been (mostly) relaxing. Our Lamp girl turned 7 and I thought I'd show you our take on a Moana themed birthday as well as what else we've been up to lately.
This Little Miggy || Lately
Lamp wanted to have her party at Pump it Up and while I sorta hate to loose the intimate feel of a home birthday party, I also think about the fact that I'm not cleaning my house just to let a bunch of 7 year olds destroy it was like, Pump it up? FINE BY ME!  I still like to do a cute table with a backdrop, favor bags, a cake topper and this time I just had to make these super sweet Kakamora cups I originally saw here.  I spent an afternoon painting these little guys, but they were pretty easy. It was a Netflix and paint kind of afternoon. If you want to do a similar craft I highly recommend getting these cups from Party City. I ordered some coconut cups from Amazon (against my better judgment and the reviews) and yep--they were awful. Super flimsy and squishy.
This Little Miggy || Moana Birthday Party
As far as steps go, just do a layer at a time and let the paint dry in between each layer. Start with a tan face shape, then add dark brown circles for the eyes, lastly add a white mouth and then some white and red face paint markings and you're done! They were definitely the hit of the birthday favors.
This Little Miggy || Moana Birthday Party

Monday, July 17, 2017

Wolf + Friends

It's always fun to be featured on another site, especially one that is stylish, hip and devoted to special needs families. You can read my interview here. If you haven't yet had the chance to check out Wolf + Friends, you should. There are interviews, shopping guides, design ideas and more! All specifically aimed toward families who love good design and who also happen to have special needs kiddos.

Thanks Wolf + Friends for having me.
Happy Monday everyone.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Taking a Break

Needing a little break around these parts, but I'll be back in a week or so. In the meantime you can always catch me on Instagram. If you want some good stuff to read or some cool stuff to do here are some of my favorite links from the TLM archives.

Things to make or do:
My most popular DIY of all time.
I made this dress last summer and still wear it all the time.
Kid craft and parenting hack all in one!
Toddler messenger bag

On giving yourself permission.
Love is showing up.
Feeling down about yourself? I go back and read this post every once in a while as a reminder.
Still making my way through the parenting books and advice from this post. 

All things disability/special needs related:
A response to a reader who terminated her pregnancy of a child with limb differences.
What is ableism anyway?
There is nothing wrong with being disabled. 
A guide to navigating a special needs encounter with your children.

Thanks for all the love and support you guys give me here! I appreciate it so much, you'll never know. Have a great week and I'll see you soon.



Thursday, July 06, 2017

Miggy's Favorite Things Lately II

Hi! I started a new series called Miggy's Favorite Things Lately where I share some things I'm loving as of late. Namely, something to wear, something to read, something to watch and something to eat. You can see the first one here. Enjoy! I'd love to hear some of your favorites in the comments. 

wear: Bodysuits. I know I mentioned these in my Paris post, but they deserve a second mention. I sorta can't believe I've come around to bodysuits since I didn't love them that much the first time around in the 90's, but I'm really loving them these days. I can't recommend this one from J Crew enough. It's the perfect black t-shirt, in a nicer fabric with a just the right amount of scoop in the back. Also loving this one and interested in trying a button up version. (*tip--the long sleeve one from J Crew runs large. They didn't have a small online so I called and they found one in store and shipped it. Always worth a check since there are not many sizes in stock.) 

read: Come As You Are: the surprising new science that will transform your sex life by Emily Nagoski. I've been in a bit of a self-help book cycle lately and this book has really stuck with me. I was/am super surprised by how much I learned about female sexuality after reading this book as a woman who is in her 40's! Part of me is shocked that a lot of this book isn't general knowledge, but the other part of me isn't since the reason a lot of this book isn't general knowledge is because a lot of this hasn't even been studied until recently. (Hello patriarchy.) It's nice to know it's not just me! Phew. I actually listened to the audio book and now I want to order it so I can re-read and refer back to it from time to time. Knowledge is power ladies.

watch: Big Little Lies. Wow. I loved this show. I remember when it first came out and there was a lot of hype, but it didn't look like something I would like. First, the storyline looked like a bunch of catty women in a wealthy town causing trouble. Second, since it was HBO I knew there was nudity and violence (including sexual violence). For various reasons, these are all things I usually steer clear of in my media. Then I saw that my favorite filtering service, VidAngel, which lets you filter/edit movies and shows was now working with Netflix and Amazon, and so I decided to give it a go. I admit that screening a show like this definitely makes it less impactful in certain ways, but I know myself well enough to know that I internalize violence and the like more than I should, so I just prefer to skip it if I can. I still thought this show was going to be more of a guilty pleasure, but I was wrong. I loved this show so much I made my husband watch it with me just so I could watch it again. I love that this show was made by women (Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon not only star in it, but also produce the show), about women and for women. I have been unraveling this show in my mind for days trying to think what struck me about it so much and why it resonated with me. I might write a separate post, so in the meantime catch up and watch it! Of course, it's based on a popular book by the same name--did you read it? Bonus--the soundtrack is killer as well.

eat: Mango Brie Quesadillas. I posted this recipe last year but I've been making them for years and they're still a hit. I love a good healthy lunch that feels a little decadent as well, and this easy quesadilla always hits the spot for me.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Spotlight Revisited || Lamp

photo by Alex.Davis Photography

Welp, it's my girls birthday week this week and what a better time than now to revisit the special needs spotlight I did about her a couple years ago. You can see the original spotlight here, but I'll repost it today in it's entirety with some updated information and photos.

7 years ago this wonderful, hilarious, amazing girl was brought into our lives and she changed me in ways I'm still discovering. She is an old soul and is our resident honesty police--her sisters are learning that they'll never get away with anything because Lamp rats them out every time. Ha! She is a deep thinker and asks pointed and challenging questions about the world around her. And she is hilarious. She makes us laugh often--sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident, but often. You can go through my Instagram account and search the #lampsays hashtag and you'll find some real gems. One of my all time favorites was when she asked, "Hey dad, do you think Mary would be mad if I punched baby Jesus?" Happy 7th birthday my beautiful, bright girl. Thanks for choosing us.


There are so many pieces to our story that are scattered throughout the blog, this is a nice way to have (most of) our story in once place--for new and old readers alike. Keep in mind I'm interviewing myself here, so I play with that a bit, but mostly the questions are straight forward and the same ones I ask in my other interviews.  I link to several other posts throughout the interview that are applicable to the question. Also this is really long--something I usually discourage my spotlightees from doing--but since it's Lamp it sorta makes sense. And this took a lot of time so a huge shout out and a big thank you to all the families who have participate in the spotlight! I appreciate it even more!  Enjoy...


Q: Well hello Miggy, fancy meeting you here. I’m excited to do this rather comprehensive look at the past 7 years of life with Lamp--where it all started to where we are now--as I know this will help give readers, both old and new, a more comprehensive look at our story. So let’s start at the beginning. Take us back to the day you found out Lamp was going to have special needs... was this at the ultrasound appointment, sometime after birth, or sometime later? Do you remember how you felt? Can you compare those first thoughts and feelings with how you feel now?

I remember that day well and when I replay it in my mind it’s like watching a movie. I see our family of three--my husband, our oldest daughter and myself--meeting in the parking lot of my OB’s office on a sunny Friday afternoon, so giddy with excitement as we all go in together for the big gender-revealing 18-week ultrasound. My husband and I are all smiles, holding our daughter’s hand and swinging her in the air as we bounce into the doctor’s office with the sun shining all around. One thing that stands out in my mind is that since we were leaving on vacation in a couple of days I had a few errands to run, and immediately after the appointment I was going to take PSP to my friend’s house so she could watch her for a couple hours while I ran said errands. Now this friend had recently been pregnant and had gone through their own terrible ordeal where they ended up losing a precious baby girl just about 2 months before. And in fact we had the same OB. So as I was on the phone with her in the parking lot finalizing plans, I remember getting off the phone and saying “Wish us luck!” and I immediately wanted to kick myself. I didn’t mean to be insensitive--and maybe it wasn't--but I felt horrible for that thoughtless quip. In hindsight, the sunshine and this conversation all seem like an obvious theatrical foreshadowing for what was about to happen.
During the actual ultrasound I tell the technician that I’ve been a little worried because I haven’t felt the baby move that much. She immediately tells me that my placenta is on the tummy side of my uterus and therefore I probably can’t feel the baby that well. She then says, “There’s the heartbeat--it looks great!” And I relax. Everything is going to be fine. B, PSP and I are all chatty while the tech is rather quiet, but I don’t really notice until later. When it comes to telling us the gender she says in very anti-climatic, almost stoic tone, “I think it’s a girl...I can’t get a good look but I think it’s a girl…” And I’m like, really? That’s how you tell us this exciting news? But at the same time I was too excited to notice. I really, really wanted another girl. The tech kept working, being super quiet and then she suddenly gets up. Stunned I said, “Is that it?” She quickly says, “I’ll be right back.” And walks out. B and I look at each other and immediately our hearts drop. B then says, “I feel like I didn’t see an arm on the baby…”

What? What are you talking about? I couldn’t even process what he was saying or that it might possibly be about this baby I’m carrying. That sentence had no relevance in my world and whatever he thought he saw or didn’t see was clearly just wrong. And for a split second I imagined that I might have a kid without an arm and again I couldn’t even process the idea. This seemed like the most crazy thing I had ever heard in my life.

Then the Dr. walked in. When I asked him if everything was OK, he said, “No.” And I will never forget the following sentence: “While your baby’s head, heart, lungs, spine and kidneys look fine, it’s the limbs. All of them... are deformed, misshapen or missing bones altogether.”

BAM. Punch to the gut. And just like that our lives were changed forever.